Wednesday, 27 August 2014

An Introduction

Being vegetarian for about 6 years now, I'm always on the lookout for veggie lifestyle tips and information but I noticed many of the blogs I read are US based and as much as I like reading them I find that they are not very useful. So I have created this blog to help others in the same situation who would like to find good cruelty free products and vegetarian/vegan friendly restaurants and to connect with people with similar ethical views.

I decided to become vegetarian during a 2 year Animal Management course. It opened my eyes to a lot of things but I have never forced my opinions onto others. Within the last year or two I have become increasingly aware of the many companies that still test on animals so I began the transition to replace the items I use with cruelty-free certified products. I still have a little way to go before replacing every single one but I'm on the right track and I'm proud to make the change.

At the moment I'm finding it difficult obtaining quality make-up products that are not tested on animals, don't cost the earth and easy to find in UK stores, so I welcome any suggestions. Please subscribe/follow if you want to read reviews and join in with any veggie lifestyle chit-chat. Grab a cuppa and enjoy.

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