Sunday, 21 December 2014

Weekly Round-up #5

Firstly, apologies for my absence over the last few weeks, things had started to get a little hectic so I decided to take a little time out from all activities that required my thinking energy. Fortunately everything is starting to slow down now and I am just about ready for Christmas and a much needed break. I have missed three weekly round-ups so I'm hoping to get back on track.

Cosmetics transition complete
I can now proudly announce that my entire make-up collection is cruelty-free thanks to my new found obsession with Marks & Spencer's own brand range 'Autograph' replacing the last few items that I had remaining. I hadn't really taken much notice of their products before but now I've discovered them, I'm hooked.

Not only have they got a fabulous make-up range but they also stock other brands that are cruelty-free, you've only got to look for the leaping bunny. They have some gorgeous cruelty-free bubble baths, moisturisers and body spritzers but also what excited me the most were their selection of cruelty-free perfumes which I tried and tested in the store. I managed to restrain myself as the only thing stopping me from buying some was the fact that I still had a load of perfume at home that I need to use up before I even consider buying more. Anyway, I bought foundation, bronzer, pressed powder and a concealer stick.

I was rather interested in the eye shadows but I still have my 'Barry M' palettes that I have barely used so I had better start with them first.

Usher's Hat
While tuning in to watch 'The Graham Norton show' on Friday evening to see one of my favourite cruelty-free advocates Ricky Gervais, I was horrified to witness that their choice music act Usher was wearing a fur Davy Crockett type raccoon hat, as well as it making him look ridiculously stupid it made me feel physically sick to know that some poor creature died for him to flaunt that on his head. On researching his head wear, I discovered that PETA had already given him stick about it and he had been wearing it since last winter so he can't have learnt anything about it's origin and how much pain and suffering that the animal would have endured in the whole entire year that it's been in his possession.

Some people have no compassion whatsoever and I really hope that Ricky had pointed that out to him back-stage if he had the opportunity. 

Christmas Wishes
Lastly I would like to wish my readers a very Merry (and relaxing) Christmas and a happy, healthy and successful new year.

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