Sunday, 4 January 2015

Veganuary Day 4

Another late start to the day due to a bad nights sleep so my meals consisted of breakfast and dinner. I often skip lunch when I'm out shopping and I don't feel hungry. This morning I had a bowl of 'Oat so Simple' porridge and my usual (can't start the day without) a cup of tea.
Dinner was simple but a little more creative. I only needed three ingredients but it was tasty and filling, I call it mock duck hoisin noodles. Some vegans and vegetarians don't like eating anything that represents meat but it doesn't bother me because as I see it meat doesn't even represent meat anyway... it's all processed crap.
The mock duck is from 'Holland & Barrett' and can be eaten hot in stir Fry's or cold in salads, personally I think it's probably better hot. Blue dragon are pretty good with their vegan sauces and their whole wheat noodles are vegan too.
For a little treat after dinner with my cup of tea I had a caramel rice square which I bought in Asda today.

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