Sunday, 11 January 2015

Veganuary Days 10 & 11

Due to a lot of repetitiveness I have decided to combine my 'Veganuary' posts to prevent my readers from getting bored and in all honesty prevent me from getting bored. Next week I will be posting on Wednesday and Friday evening. I won't include breakfast unless it's something I haven't blogged about before.

Most of my weekend consisted of food shopping and standing in supermarket aisles studying ingredients. If a product doesn't contain any animal derived ingredients then why doesn't it clearly state 'vegan' on the packaging... wait a minute, don't be silly! that would make it far too easy. Manufacturers must think we enjoy the challenge.

This morning I treated myself to an extremely unhealthy breakfast of biscuit spread on toast which I don't have very often due to it's high sugar content. However the fact that I had nearly run out would suggest otherwise so I stuck it on my shopping list.
I missed lunch today but yesterday I had a late one. I had what is fast becoming my favourite snack/lunch and that's avocado on toast. I love avocado, it's very versatile and can be used in a lot of things.
Yesterday I made a big batch of pesto pasta (including pine nuts, rocket and cherry tomatoes). I enjoyed it hot when it was cooked and had some cold today with chopped up... yes, wait for it! avocado. Unfortunately the pasta itself wasn't as nice cold which may be due to it being gluten free as well as dairy free because I haven't had that problem with normal pasta when I've made it. I used vegan pesto.

For the remainder of the rest of the day I snacked on crap while slobbing out watching films. I'll be back on Wednesday with my day 12 and 13 post so see you then.

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