Sunday, 7 September 2014

Review: Space Girl and Butterball LUSH Bath Bombs

If you like a lot of fizz in your bath bombs, this one is for you.The air filled with the smell of parma violets as the water turned a purpley/pinky colour. There's always something whimsical about taking a bath in coloured bath water (or is that just me being weird?).

This is a non greasy bath bomb so it didn't leave an unwanted tide mark in the bath. It left a very subtle fragrance on my skin, so subtle that only people with an acute sense of smell may notice it. I can't say it had any moisturising properties though which is one of the main qualities I love in a bath bomb. If you want a bath bomb that leaves the skin moisturised Butterball is ideal for this.
This is one of my favourite LUSH products. I often forget to moisturise after a bath and this bath bomb does it all for you in the bath. This is brilliant if you are strapped for time. Tiny pearls of cocoa butter are released into the water and cling to the skin. The only down side is that it also clings to the bath. Whenever I buy a new LUSH haul, this is the product I pick up every time.

Both bath bombs are Vegan.
Space Girl £2.35
Butterball £2.50

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