Tuesday, 23 September 2014


Tibits is a 100% Vegetarian restaurant in Heddon street, just off of Regent Street and about a 5/10 minute walk from Piccadilly Circus underground station. It's a great place to eat if you are looking for somewhere a little more sophisticated and they offer some Vegan options which are clearly marked with a 'V' on the labels beside the food. This is a buffet type restaurant where you pay buy weight which was completely new to me.
On arrival myself and my niece were greeted by a member of staff who explained how the restaurant worked. We chose our own seating and had a good look through the drinks menu before venturing up to the buffet area. Buffets are always awkward in terms of having to go one at a time in order to guard your belongings at the table so once my niece had finished plating her food she then had to wait at the table while I got mine. I then had to go up to the bar with both plates of food where it is weighed and you can order drinks and pay. They placed the plates and drinks on little silver trays so I had to leave one tray at the bar while I delivered the other over to my niece at the table.
We had various bits and bobs to choose from, both hot and cold and quite tasty although my niece wasn't quite as convinced but that is probably due to the type of food that she is used to eating (she's a 15 year old meat-eater). I on the other hand ate pretty much everything I had on my plate. The Classic ice tea's that we ordered were refreshing. The relaxed ambiance of the restaurant was a welcomed change. It wasn't too busy or bustling and we could enjoy a discussion without shouting across the table at each other. This may have been due to the time of day that we ate (around 5pm).

There was extra seating downstairs which looked family orientated with an area for children to amuse themselves if they get bored. They had an area for colouring with a chalk board attached to the wall and a little book case complete with a range of books and cute little rocking horse seats. There was also an area suitable for dinner parties, ideal for birthdays and other celebrations.

The only problem that I had with the service was that the plates weren't cleared quick enough. We sat there for a while before thinking about having desert and when we did eventually get it we had to squeeze it onto the table with the finished dinner plates on too. When I finally caught a member of staff she told me that she would clear the table once we had left. Not particularly helpful I must say but I didn't want to say anything bad as all in all we had a good experience.

The dinner turned out to be less expensive than I originally thought it would be at £26.70 for two plates and two large glasses of Ice tea but I thought the desert was a little steep at £8.60 for such a small amount on each plate. I had some sticky toffee pudding and a selection of fruit.
I would most definitely return, possibly by myself as I wouldn't feel out of place. I noticed other people eating alone and no one batted an eyelid.

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