Sunday, 21 September 2014

Vx, Vegan Boutique

This impressive little vegan boutique literally has everything packed into it and I was interested to see how they utilised their space. Located on Caledonian road, it's a short walk from Kings Cross station. Directly to the right of me on entering the shop were a range of alternative vegan clothing items and shoes.
In front of me on the other side of the shop was a refrigerator full of drinks, next to that were shelves packed with vegan snacks and produce such as egg free mayo and dairy free cream. they also had a small selection of books.
In other refrigerators they had a good range of faux meat and cheese products which I plan to try next time I return with a cool bag. A selection of sweet and savoury take-away food (hot and cold) as well as sandwiches and cakes can be found at the other end of the shop.
The guys in the shop are very friendly and chatty. We must have talked for about 15 minutes at the counter about Vegfest (which I plan on attending this year) and other Vegan events before I finally payed for my goods. Unfortunately they won't have a stall at Vegfest London this year but you can check out their website HERE as they take orders on-line.

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