Sunday, 5 October 2014

Lunch at VBites, Brighton

It's been a while since I last visited Brighton but as I was returning especially for an event I thought I would look up some Vegan friendly restaurants before I went. I was surprised to discover VBites, an entirely Vegan restaurant in East Street, so I suggested it to my meat eating friend who gladly agreed to try it out. In fact she was more than happy to accompany me as she had recently found out that she has an intolerance to some dairy products. After the event we headed to VBites which was conveniently only two minutes away from where we were. I must admit I was more excited about this than the actual reason why we were there in the first place.
We found ourselves a seat by the window (additional seating upstairs) and carefully scanned the menu. I had never seen so many amazing choices. There were Burgers, Pizza's, wraps, jacket potatoes with a range of toppings, fish and chips, hot dog, soup, ice cream and cakes. I had trouble deciding because I wanted to try it all, but in the end I went for the classic VBeefy (burger) with sweet potato fries, washed down with an organic pear juice. my friend chose the Hickory Chick which consisted of smokey glazed chicky pieces in a toasted bun. You take your table number and go and order at the counter. The staff seemed very friendly and enthusiastic (just what I like to see) and the service was fast.

In the refrigerated area at the back of the shop where you can choose your drinks, they also sold a variety of vegan products such as cheese, butter, squirty cream, substitute milks, oven meals etc. There was also a little freezer filled with little ice cream tubs.

My friend and I enjoyed our meals very much. I would definitely return (hopefully in the near future) just to try out other dishes. I was completely stuffed by the time I had finished but the cupcakes that I had been ogling since I had walked in had been calling me so I purchased a peanut butter one (which was fantastically scrummy) and a chocolate milkshake to take away.

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