Saturday, 18 October 2014

October Lush Haul

I get excited every time I plan a trip to my local Lush store. I like Lush because it's a whole different shopping experience. More often than not I get chatting to the very helpful and friendly sales assistants. There's one rule I have when shopping in Lush and that is never dismiss their help as you may just discover your new favourite product through watching one of their demonstrations.

I hadn't planned to venture out at all this weekend but once I had heard that the release of their Christmas range (the fact that it's still October is irrelevant) had hit the shelves I didn't exactly have to drag myself out to go and explore their products. I was due a re-stock anyway.

'Snow Fairy' was the first item to find it's way into my basket. I have never tried this shower gel before but after hearing rave reviews and having to wait an entire year to get my hands on this special edition product I wasn't going to hang around this time. This stuff literally flies off the shelves and I had noticed that there weren't many left but I should imagine, being the most popular Christmas product in the shop they must stock up quite often but I wasn't taking any chances. 

'Snow Fairy' has a sweet bubblegum type smell and has a slight shimmer to it. I bought the medium sized bottle at £7.50 as the larger bottle is a little pricey and I had planned to buy several items, so I refrained myself from getting it. However I did decide to get the 'Magic Wand' bubble bar to go with it which is priced at £5.25 and smells like 'Snow Fairy.' You may think that it's a bit expensive but apparently you can use it multiple times making it better value for money. Just hold it under a running tap for a couple of minutes and you have bubbles.

Hot Toddy was next on my list. I'm a big fan of anything with Cinnamon in it so I knew I would love this. It smells like Christmas in a bottle and I can imagine using this in a nice hot bath on a cold Christmas eve. I didn't want to go too mad so I bought a small bottle priced at £3.95 but I have a feeling I might be returning to buy some more. This product also contains glitter to add that extra Christmas sparkle.

'So White' was the third and final shower gel on my list. This seems to have a more subtle smell compared to the others, more of a pure, fresh scent and I could definitely pick up a slight hint of apples. Having picked this up, I thought I should at least try the 'So White' bath bomb to go with it which has a stronger scent. This is a bigger sized bath bomb priced at £3.50.

Steering away from the Christmas range now, I thought I would purchase some regular products. The block at the front of my photo is the 'Buffy' body butter, I've used this before and love it. It's a body scrub that moisturises when you rub it all over the body. Another great way to get moisturised while still in the bath or shower. This is more suitably used in the evening just before you get into your jim-jams as it leaves a slight greasy film on your body.

'Sakura' (the more colourful bath bomb in the photo) is new to me so I look forward to trying it out. This is a large citricy bath bomb with mimosa and Jasmine (inspired by Japanese cherry blossom) priced at £3.35. Lastly I bought 'Butter Bear' priced at £1.95 which was recommended to me by Lush Customer Care via twitter and smells exactly like the 'Butter Ball' that I love so much but comes in the shape of a cute bear.

This little lot should keep me going for a good while.

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  1. Fab choices. I'm not sure if I'd have the restraint that you showed, I always end up buying the big bottles of shower gel. I hope you love Snow Fairy, it's my favourite.