Saturday, 11 October 2014

Whole Foods Market, Piccadilly

Seeing as I had some spare time on my hands today, I made a point of checking out 'Whole Foods' which I had only heard about fairly recently (I'm always a little slow on the uptake). I didn't even realise how close the store was to other places I normally visit in the area (why hadn't I noticed this before?).
I was surprised at how big the store actually was and I'm not even sure that this is their biggest. 'Whole Foods' sell a wide range of organic products. You name it, they've got it. What you have to remember is that these stores are not entirely vegetarian or vegan and do sell meat and items that contain animal by-products. Fellow blogger Amber, over at 'Amber's Beauty Talk' kindly educated me on the fact that not all cosmetics certified organic are cruelty-free. So just be aware of this when purchasing.

There are many recognisable cruelty-free brands in the beauty section such as 'Pai,' 'Jason,' 'Pacifica,' 'Faith in Nature' and 'Butter London.' Other items include grains and cereals, Vegan sweets and chocolate, top quality organic fruit and vegetables, milk alternatives, vegan deserts, teas and ethical candles.

I spent so long checking out all the products I started to think that I would have to take up residency in the store. I also started to become conscious of the fact that I had been upstairs three times (yes there is an upstairs) and the people at the counter probably thought I was crazy. The staff I came across were notably helpful and friendly, giving an excellent service.

Upstairs you can find an extended beauty range with make-up, hair care, skin care and oral hygiene products. You can also find a variety of supplements and vitamins.

The bakery looked great but I decided to stay well away as I have been eating far too many cakes and sweet things lately. I was also very temped to try some of their hot food (it certainly looked appetising) but I had already planned to eat elsewhere (that's one excuse for a return visit right there).
Cold food and salads also available.
The best time to visit Whole Foods is just after pay-day because you'll end up spending a fortune (only kidding). I noticed lots of offers on so you may well be able to save some money in the process. I came home with a fantastic little selection of products. My best buy must have been my Jason shampoo and conditioner, two for £8.

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