Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Animal Welfare Concerns on 'I'm a Celeb'

Ant and Dec have sparked fury amongst wildlife enthusiasts and animal lovers by condoning the use of creatures and reptiles in the trials featured in 'I'm a Celebrity Get Me Out of Here' (in not so many words). This out-cry has come after naturalist Chris Packham expressed his concern over the treatment of the animals involved by writing to Ant and Dec explaining why it is morally wrong. The initial response came from producers of the show which stated that Ant and Dec had no input into the way the show is run. Ant and Dec have remained quiet until recently when they were seen displaying childish behaviour towards Chris by mocking him on the show. You can read the related article HERE.

I personally find Ant and Dec's behaviour very patronising not only towards Chris but towards everyone who cares about the welfare of animals. It's disappointing because many people (as I did) have a lot of respect for the duo and are seen as role models for the younger generation and so their behaviour and opinions often rub off onto others. I would like to put their behaviour down to ignorance and a lack of educating and maybe one day they will understand what Chris was saying.

I for one know that the treatment of these animals on 'I'm a celeb' is not normal. As some of you may have read in my 'About Me' section, I studied Animal Management for two years. During this time I was taught how to care for a variety of species. I learnt the correct and incorrect ways of handling various reptiles and to treat them with care and respect in a calm but cautious manner. I don't think they realise how distressing it can be for reptiles (or any other animals) when they are placed in a tank with a crazy person flailing around screaming and shouting. Their first instinct is to try and escape but they can't.

It's not the first time that the show has come under scrutiny and it probably won't be the last. Back in 2009 there was outrage when the producers let Gino D'Acampo kill, cook and serve up a rat for dinner. With a lack of research this appalling act of animal cruelty got them into a lot of trouble in which I have no sympathy for. I hate to think what standards their wildlife experts live up to if they are unable to recognise animal cruelty or even unnatural situations that the animals are put into.

It's upsetting when someone is mocked for attempting to make a point about something they are extremely passionate about. I have read Chris's ORIGINAL LETTER and I think that it was professionally and informatively put together so I think it was unnecessary for Ant and Dec to make those comments, especially if they have no input into the running of the show. ITV and the producers should be ashamed of themselves. I will continue to boycott the show until they make some drastic changes.

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