Saturday, 8 November 2014

Calling all Bookworms

Now that I have caught your attention, I'd like to tell you about an exciting new project that caught mine. I respect anyone who strives to work towards making their ambitions and dreams a reality because believe me I've tried most of my life... some end up a success, some don't but at the end of the day I know that I have done everything possible to try and make it happen. Now I'm all for helping to make dreams come true so when I came across the lovely Esther Bertram on twitter and discovered her Kickstarter campaign I knew that I had to do my bit to help. Even though I had played just a small part I knew that it could make a big difference.

Esther is a fiction author among other things and she is currently looking for people to back her new and original multi-dimentional augmented reality novel. In order to do this she has set up a Kickstarter profile where the public can contribute to the publishing process of her book 'November Fox'. What has this got to do with the genre of my blog I hear you say!!! well Esther is herself a Vegan and has incorporated veganism into her book by making the lead character 'November Fox' a vegan orphan rock star and soul warrior.

I will leave it to Esther's press release to explain it all a little better:

Sussex Author E.E. Bertram Promotes Veganism to the next gen with her Pioneering Augmented Reality Novel “November Fox”.

Esther Bertram is a visionary fiction author incorporating new technology and media to enhance the experience of reading a classic book while promoting the ethical treatment of animals.

After more than a decade of touring as a professional singer/songwriter, Esther has spent the last 3 years living in the serenity of East Sussex England to create her unique media-fusion novel “November Fox,” an all ages “Alice in Wonderland” for the modern reader.

The story is a fantasy sci/fi about a Vegan orphan rock star, “November Fox” who travels through dimensions of consciousness to unlock the mysteries of the cube.

This ground-breaking book incorporates new media and is a pioneering way of story telling on the leading edge of what is possible when you combine technology with art, plus it brings the topic of the humane treatment of animals to the next generation.

In the hardback version of the book, every few chapters, viewers are invited to use their phones or tablets to explore another dimension of the story with AUGMENTED REALITY, entering into “Lucitopia”. From here readers can witness the world of November Fox from “The Architect’s” perspective. He is the philosophical other-worldly being who narrates the journey. They also gain access to links connected to the story, such as vegetarian and vegan friendly sites and forums where readers can interact with each other as well with the book’s characters. There is also a connected music project since the protagonist, November Fox, is a rock star. This is a fully immersive reader experience.

In Esther’s own words, “As a creative artist, I like to inspire people to challenge their mental models of reality. Technology enables me to create layers within layers to aptly represent the depths of our own consciousness, and take the fantasy world to new heights.”

“I have been vegetarian for 26 years and Vegan for 15 years. I wished to find a way to bring more awareness of the ethical treatment of animals to the next generation. I decided to meet them on their level of media saturation and technology fascination so I created a reader immersive experience. This way, I have been able to weave my strong principals of veganism into the fantasy story in a non pushy way to plant seeds of awareness into young minds, to allow them to at least consider the possibility of not eating animals.”

Esther is currently running a Kickstarter crowd funding campaign to enable the book’s release. If you wish to know more or to support Esther’s campaign please visit

So here I am calling upon you to help Esther get the result she so desperately wants. You can pledge a minimum of £1 but with a pledge of £3 you can earn yourself 'Time to Shine' digital EP as a reward. There are bigger and better rewards the higher you pledge. Esther needs £10,000 to reach her goal by November 30th 2014 but if this doesn't happen your money will not be deducted from your account and the project won't be able to go ahead.

Personally I think it sounds like fun and I would love to see this book published. I have a 15 year old niece that loves books and will definitely be interested in reading this one. The great thing about it is that it is suitable for all ages and will be a great gift for anyone with a love of fiction with a cosmic twist. All the information you need to know about 'November Fox' can be found on Esther's Kickstarter page HERE and you can follow her on twitter @EstherBertram and tell her what you think about her idea. You can also check out Esther's website

Lastly I would like to wish Esther all the best for her amazing project and I hope it's a huge success.

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