Tuesday, 18 November 2014

The Trussell Trust

The Trussell Trust is a charity that operate a number of food banks around the UK to help people struggling to feed themselves and their families due to financial crisis. Believe it or not there are 13 million people living below the poverty line in the UK for many different reasons. The Trussell Trust rely on public donations and the help and support of the community.

This Christmas why not help people less fortunate than yourselves by collecting some food while doing your shopping and dropping it off at your local food bank. The Trussell Trust cater for dietary needs such as vegetarians and people with allergies so by all means feel free to donate dairy free, Gluten free and meat free goods as long as they are not perishable.

You can find some product examples on their 'Shopping List' which can be adapted to what you normally buy as a vegetarian or vegan such as Soya milk, dairy free biscuits and snack bars, gluten and egg free pasta etc. I have noticed that the 'Alpro' vanilla Soya carton drinks and yogurts (which don't need refrigerating) are occasionally on offer. Things like this would be ideal for dairy allergy sufferers.

Visit the WEBSITE to discover your nearest food bank and email them to find out if they are operating a Christmas initiative in your area and whether you can contribute to a Christmas hamper which may include things like packets of stuffing, jars of cranberry sauce, gravy, tins of biscuits and chocolate treats.

To ensure that the products you buy really go to people that are genuinely disadvantaged they have to be referred by a health care official such as GP or Social worker before they are accepted. One box of food should last up to 3 days and contain a range of essential nutritionally balanced items. Parents with infants may benefit from receiving nappies and wipes and you may also be able to donate household items such as toilet rolls and washing up liquid but it is always best to check with your food bank to find out what items they accept. 

you have no idea how one simple box of food can make a huge difference to someones life. stresses of money worries can cause mental health problems consequently leading to family breakdowns and in a worst case scenario even suicide. With also the risk of losing their house and becoming homeless, people may also resort to crime in order to support their family. The Trussell Trust are here to help prevent that from happening so go ahead and help them to make that difference.

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