Sunday, 16 November 2014

Weekly Round-up #3

I can't believe I've gone a whole week without a post in-between my last weekly round-up. It just goes to show that I have had literally no time to think. Fortunately I now have a week off work... yay! so I'm going to gather some new idea's for posts and liven my blog back up again. As predicted, just before my week off I have developed a cold and am feeling a bit rotten today but that has given me the chance to relax and watch things on Netflix and YouTube which I will be sharing here.

Animal Aid Veggie/Vegan guide
I received my vegan starter pack from Animal aid this week. This is a 35 page booklet with recipes, nutritional information, alternatives to dairy, eggs and meat, ingredients to avoid and more.
There are 11 lovely recipes both savoury and sweet. I am particularly looking forward to trying out the scramble on toast as I haven't had tofu scramble before and the mushroom stroganoff because I love mushrooms. There are a lot of product ideas, suggestions for each mealtime and advice for eating out. They have also answered a few common questions. Animal aid has packed in a considerable amount of information making it a great starting point for anyone considering becoming vegan or vegetarian. You can get hold of your copy HERE.

Fat, Sick & Nearly Dead
This is an inspirational food documentary film with personality. Firstly it followed Joe Cross on his journey to make some health changes due to his obesity and illness. He did this by following a strict fasting/juicing diet for 60 days which had remarkable effects. While he was doing this he encountered a truck driver called Phil who had similar problems and was desperate to turn his life around so Joe acted as his guide. I found Phil's determination quite moving and I even shed a tear.

It had been on my Netflix list for a while as I wasn't expecting it to be that great but I now wish I had watched it a lot sooner. I was hooked from start to finish and it has made me want to invest in a juicer just to increase my nutrient intake. I would mark this as a definite must see.

Say Cheese
I sent away for a set of cards from the Vegetarian Society which explains that Parmesan cheese is NOT vegetarian. These have been especially made for members of the public to hand to restaurants who have Parmesan cheese included as an ingredient in vegetarian meals. I have come across this many times before so I thought that these little cards would come in very handy. You can obtain a set for yourself HERE.

YouTube Search
I have been on the hunt for some UK based cruelty-free/Vegan YouTube channels for a while now. Unfortunately it hasn't been an easy task as most of them have been American. I don't have an issue with watching them but it's so much easier when the products that are being discussed are obtainable in UK stores. So far I have found Miss Veggie Delight who reviews cruelty free cosmetics. I watched a few of her video's today and found them quite informative if not slightly long. It's nice to find someone that has a very relaxed approach to their video's and doesn't act robotic and fake. I am on the look-out for similar video's so if anyone has any recommendations please leave a comment.

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