Sunday, 9 November 2014

Weekly Round-up #2

This weeks weekly round-up is going to be a short one; mainly because I haven't really been up to anything that interesting. It's been a tiring and stressful week work-wise and I've got the feeling that next week isn't going to be that much better. On the plus side, after next week I have got a week off to do whatever the hell I like and it can't come any sooner.

Food Inc
Over the past month or two I have worked my way through many different food related documentaries the latest one being 'Food Inc' on 'Netflix'. I'm sorry to say that I was a little bit disappointed with it. It didn't grab my attention all the way through and I had heard most of it all before. I got a little restless just over half way through and I was hoping it would end at any minute.

However it did highlight a few interesting issues and I have big respect for any film makers attempting to raise awareness of the harmful effects that the food industry can have on human health and the environment. Personally one of my favourite film documentaries on 'Netflix' is 'Hungry for Change' if you'd like to check it out.

Joining Tumblr
I have created a 'Tumblr' account in conjunction with this blog to try and widen my audience and connect with others that I may not have come across on 'Blogger' or 'Twitter.' If you have a 'Tumblr' account and would like to follow little old me then here's the link I shall mainly be posting things from this blog and re-blogging posts from other 'Tumblr' account's that interest me.

Facebook Groups
I have recently joined a couple of Facebook groups that some of you guys might be interested in which are 'Vegan and Vegetarian Bloggers' and 'Vegan (Supermarket finds) UK.' Both are very helpful.

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