Saturday, 1 November 2014

Hooray for HURRAW

I have noticed that Hurraw lip balm is proving to be very popular lately judging by other beauty/cruelty free blogs, so here I am jumping on the band wagon with my post about these little sticks of amazingness. Hurraw balm contains premium organic, vegan (which means no beeswax) and raw ingredients and come in a luscious array of scents (I was going to say flavours as it's confusing when something smells good enough to eat).

I purchased mine from 'Whole Foods,' Piccadilly, upstairs beside the till which obviously proved to be the best selling point. I have also noticed a few displayed in 'Planet Organic' too but alternatively you can buy them on-line at the official US based website of 'Hurraw' or 'My Pure' if you are looking for a UK retailer.

I have the 'chai spice lip balm' and the 'vanilla bean lip balm.' Both are great products but the chai spice has to be my favourite... I just love the smell. I have to remind myself not to walk around in public with my lips turned up to my nose in the effort to get a whiff of the balm. Not a good look at all.

This balm goes on smoothly and isn't sticky but may have to be reapplied a little more regularly. They should most certainly be on everyone's winter essentials list whether it be for yourself or bought as a stocking filler for a family member, part of a present for a friend or even included in a secret Santa present for a work colleague. Do you think I have given you enough idea's!?!

The balm comes in an oval shaped stick which apparently is less likely to work it's way out of your back jeans pocket but I'll be keeping mine in my coat pocket or handbag. The stick also displays the leaping bunny logo which indicates that the product is cruelty free. more information can be found about the packaging and ingredients HERE.

What ones do you have? I'm interested to know what the night treatment balm is like if anyone has tried it.

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  1. I have the Vanilla Bean one too :-) I love using it when my lips get dry as it's really creamy and moisturising! x